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With decades of success growing businesses in a variety of industries, we accelerate growth by bringing innovative ideas and best practices to all facets of sales and marketing or just the areas where you need help the most.

Client Success

“Delivering Value helped us implement a more disciplined sales approach and coupled that with a very objective performance management and forecasting framework. That means we can both manage sales more effectively and provide forecasts that are more fact than fiction."

Michael Hemlepp CEO, Redilearning

“Working side by side with ARPEDIO and Delivering Value, we've put an Epicor sales coach on our partners’ smart devices. The visibility and objectivity it provides enables better sales support for our channel and enhanced forecast accuracy and revenue performance for my team. This is an investment we believe will pay dividends well into the future.”

Matt Bauer Senior Director Channel Sales, EPICOR Software

"Delivering Value’s coaching has had a huge impact on our ability to win more often and achieve our quarterly goals with more consistency. They also helped me take my skills to an entirely new level making me a much more effective sales executive and leader.”

Peter Payerli SVP Sales, Redilearning

“Delivering Value showed us how to unlock growth through a tool that is effectively a Sales Coach on a Tablet. Now everyone on the team has easy access to the sales best practices they need to be more effective sales professionals. As a leader, I now have better visibility into the focus areas and next-steps my team are putting into place to win.”

Bernie Hoffmann CEO, DART Chart Systems

“Like any emerging company, we needed an experienced SVP of Sales and Marketing but not have the budget to hire one full time. Delivering Value did a stellar job of guiding and advising us as we built the sales and marketing organization we needed to make our business plan a reality.”

Gary Duty CEO, Real Time Medical Systems

“I was very impressed by the speed with which Delivering Value learned our business and showed us how to effectively articulate our market differentiators. We now have a stronger pipeline, bigger deals and better revenue performance than we thought possible. They really do deliver on their promise of converting telling into selling." Wes Withrow CEO, R2 Cyber Security

"If you're looking for highly motivated and expert sales consultants who can help your team develop a winning sales approach while building the confidence to be succcessful in a complex sales environment, then you have found them. They truly understand what is required to build a top-notch sales organization."

Rand Ragusa SVP Business Development, Better Day Health

"Delivering Value really helped us here at Touchtown. They developed new pricing and bundling strategies that made our products easier to buy. The end result was solid growth over the previous year."

Jeff Pepper CEO, Touchtown

"Delivering Value's efforts were very valuable in helping us determine how to increase customer retention and drive growth by rationalizing and enhancing the products we bring to market."

Suresh Vishnubhatla EVP Senior Care Operations, Pharmerica

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