We've helped a wide range of organizations improve sales performance and accelerate growth - from billion dollar public corporations to emerging companies. Below are the highlights of why these companies engaged with us and the impact our work has had on their businesses.

"Help Us Grow Faster So We Can Secure More Capital"

Delivering Value helped us adopt a more disciplined approach to pursuing deals and managing sales team performance. In just one year we tripled sales over the previous year and secured $14 million in stage two funding.

Asif Khan, CEO, Caremerge​

Caremerge helps senior living communities drive better outcomes, increase census and reduce costs by easy-to-use apps and technology for family engagement, community engagement and resident care tracking.

"Show Us How to Win More Six-Figure Enterprise Deals"

Delivering Value worked side by side with us for a full year converting their tools and approaches into standard operating practice. As a result, enterprise sales more than doubled in a division that had been flat for several years running.

Jeff Logan, VP Enterprise Sales​

Relias Learning delivers online training and technology to measurably improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them in a wide variety of settings including health care, health and human services, public safety, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

"Help Us Get More Control of Our Forecast and Sales Team Performance"

"Delivering Value helped us develop a very practical and objective sales performance management and forecasting framework that was custom-fit to how we sell. We can now manage worldwide sales activity and ultimately our growth much more effectively than before.”

Daniel Schmidt, Director of Sales

AJ Antunes is a leading custom solutions provider of countertop cooking equipment and water filtration systems for the global fast food and convenience store market.

"Help Us Get More Visibility into How We Pursue Sales Opportunities"

"Delivering Value improved how we execute a professional sales process by providing our team with a tool that is effectively a Sales Coach on a Tablet. As a leader, I now have better visibility into the focus areas and next-steps that my team are putting into place to win."

Bernie Hoffmann, CEO

DART Chart provides software solutions to health care organizations to maximize reimbursement for managed care patients by creating real time business intelligence for individuals who manage payment, audit, and take-back risks.

"Help Us Take Our Sales Capabilities to the Next Level"

Delivering Value taught our team how to win more six figure enterprise deals and showed our VP of Sales how to realize his full potential. They were instrumental in accelerating our growth and helping us secure a very attractive exit.

Michael Hemlepp, CEO ​

Redilearning partners with senior care providers to comply, engage teams, and grow returns in a challenging healthcare environment with education technology, advanced communication tools, and strategic guidance to achieve organizational goals.