ARPEDIO Matrix improves consensus-building by automating and streamlining stakeholder analysis, producing an information-rich visual map that makes it easy to pinpoint where to focus to build consensus and extend support.

ARPEDIO Matrix can be tailored to your existing sales process, practices and vernacular so you have a tool everyone understands and can easily use from day-one.

ARPEDIO® Playbook

ARPEDIO® Playbook helps you make sure that everyone on your team is executing as well as possible - whether they're selling new accounts or retaining existing ones. With literally no typing, ARPEDIO Playbook helps you assess your progress in a sales opportunity or customer realtionship and suggests possible next steps to move an opportunity from discovery to close.

At the manager's level, ARPEDIO Playbook's heat map provides a rich layer of information on pipeline progress and makes it easy to determine the validity of forecasted close dates. With easy views into account progress, you'll also get a framework for high quality one-on-one rep coaching.

ARPEDIO Playbook can be easily tailored to match your sales process, preferred approaches and best practices.

ARPEDIO® Virtual Coach

ARPEDIO® Virtual Coach gives you the ability to provide an always available, on-demand virtual coach for each new team member. Offering the same no-typing assessment capabilities as ARPEDIO Playbook to determine progress in a deal, Virtual Coach is more prescriptive in what to do next to make progress with an account. So in addition to tactical recommendations, you can also provide direction on what differentiators to highlight or what internal resources to leverage.