Selling to Business Leaders

Many sales reps are able to articulate the operational benefits and features of their products to front-line users. But many struggle translating how those operational advantages impact the business metrics that executive leadership care about and that ultimately result in deals being signed by customers.

In this offering, we deliver one-on-one teaching and coaching tailored to each individual’s needs to make sure your reps have the knowledge, skills and approaches they need to successfully sell to senior decision makers.

New Sales Leaders

When individual contributors become sales leaders they are faced with a new set of challenges requiring a new set of skills that can be very different from what made them successful in the field.

We combine weekly coaching sessions with silently "riding shot gun" during team meetings and sales rep one-on-ones to help your sales leader become a better coach, a better motivator and ultimately a better performer.

Experienced Sales Leaders

For experienced managers we start by pinpointing areas where they feel they can do better. Next we share what others leaders are doing to successfully tackle similar challenges by applying new tools, new ideas and innovative approaches. Then we provide coaching and practical advice on how to drive the adoption required to take team performance to the next level.