There's an old story of a ship captain stuck at sea who flies in an expert to diagnose what’s wrong. After a few minutes in the engine room tapping on the engines, the expert comes back up and hands the captain a bill for $10,000. Appalled and questioning the amount, the captain says, "$10,000 for tapping on the engines? That's outrageous!", at which point the expert grabs the bill, rewrites it and hands it back to the captain: "Tapping on engines, $1.00; knowing where to tap, $9,999."

We're a team of market-tested sales experts who "know where to tap". We've been sales practitioners, leaders, consultants and trainers, having delivered value to hundreds of companies and thousands of salespeople. We bring decades of best practices across multiple industries and companies that enable us to successfully design, deliver and maximize your engagement ROI.

Don Lazzari

Managing Partner

As a sales strategist, visionary and leader, Don has been delivering value for 30 years to companies and sales teams in a variety of industries and market sectors.

Beginning his career at Matthews International, Don sold bar code technology and systems to manufacturers and distributors, when bar codes and scanning were new technologies. Just six months into his first sales role, he deployed a unique customer ROI strategy to close the largest deal in division history. He moved on to an innovative software company, Systems Modeling, selling process analysis and simulation software and services to senior stakeholders in both industry and the US government. Based on his ability to open new avenues of business by demonstrating exceptional value, he was promoted to lead sales and marketing in the US and Europe for a software solution that offered a new approach to production scheduling. In 2000 and two million dollars in sales later, Rockwell Automation acquired Systems Modeling and at Rockwell, Don quickly earned a reputation as a top producer by landing six and seven figure deals at many of Rockwell’s global accounts. In late 2004, Don joined Vocollect and just a few quarters later transitioned into the healthcare space as VP of Sales and Business Development at Vocollect Healthcare, a startup division of a $120M company with cutting edge technology. In just a few years, Don led a team that grew sales from $250K to $22.5M.

Throughout his career, Don has provided visionary leadership along with keen business savvy and analytical thinking to deliver exceptional results. With his record of success and ability to drive the performance of others, in 2010 he founded Delivering Value. Since then he has helped a wide variety of organizations improve business results through actualized sales team performance.

Don earned a BA in writing from the University of Pittsburgh and returned in his mid 30s to get his MBA from The Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh.

David Topus

Managing Partner

As a nationally-recognized sales consultant, trainer, practitioner and thought leader, David has been delivering value to companies, sales teams and individuals throughout his widely-accomplished 30 year career.

He began in 1980 with Ted Bates, a major New York advertising agency, and then held positions in sales, sales leadership and start up publishing with The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post Company and IDG Communications, where he launched two major trade magazines, both of which are still being published. In 1990 he started his own sales consulting firm. Since then, in addition to consulting and training hundreds of companies and sales teams in effective communication, he has conceived, developed and marketed millions of dollars-worth of sales related intellectual content. In 1998 he created the Victory® Continuous Improvement for Salespeople program, a multi-media sales training curriculum licensed by dozens of Fortune 500 companies including NCR, Delta Air Lines, Ikon Office Solutions, Rockwell Automation and others. In 2009 he conceived and developed industry-leading innovative personal branding materials, including the game-changing Biographic®, used by thousands of professionals and then masterminded the startup of the career services division of ExecuNet. In 2012 he wrote Talk to Strangers, How Everyday Random Encounters Can Expand Your Business, Career, Income and Life, published by John Wiley and Sons and one of the top selling books on Amazon.

Drawing upon best practices culled from decades of driving sales performance improvement initiatives, David brings insights and solutions that translate into increased revenue, market share, competitive position and organizational effectiveness. He is noted for his creativity and ability to inspire others to achieve greater levels of personal and professional success.

David has a degree in marketing from Fairleigh Dickinson University where he held a number of leadership positions. He also holds a master certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming.