Interim Sales Management

Behind every high performing sales team is an effective leader. For many companies, hiring top leadership talent is an expensive step, yet providing the direction and guidance that every sales team needs is essential.

If you aren’t ready to hire an experienced, full-time sales VP or if you need short term help to get the sales team to where they need to be, we give you access to senior level talent at a fraction of what you’d pay for full-time.

That could mean simply running weekly team calls, performing one-on-one coaching sessions and producing a monthly forecast. Or it could include taking the reins of a team for a year or more to improve sales execution and drive numbers higher, then transitioning the winning approaches and systems that we’ve installed to more permanent leadership.

Strategic Sales Messaging Consulting

Customers today are bombarded with messaging from every direction, which makes having your value proposition clearly defined and crafted more important than ever.

We will work with you to define, refine and strengthen your value proposition so your sales team breaks through communication barriers with engaging, compelling content. And we'll help you define a communication process that keeps your reps positioned throughout the sales process. Engagements can range from auditing your current messaging content, to defining a communication process, to crafting messaging for your sales team. In every case you will improve your team's communication impact and drive decision making through value-based messaging.

Leadership Coaching and Development

All too often companies promote highly skilled sales performers into sales management jobs only to find that they fall short. When sales superstars become sales leaders they are faced with a new set of challenges requiring a new set of skills.

Unlike when they were in the field selling, leadership is about motivating and inspiring the team, extracting and focusing the best performance from each individual, and building a culture of performance and excellence throughout the team.

We work closely with your rising stars to help them develop the leadership skills to take their teams to the next level. We also help experienced managers adopt new idea and innovative approaches to help them extend and strengthen their leadership acumen.