Improving Forecast Accuracy through Fact-Based Frameworks

For executive and sales leadership

Managing sales performance in today's hyper-paced, complex environment entails enormous amounts of data and number of moving parts. The challenge is in achieving clarity and predictability around forecasting and managing your team to the number.

In this hands-on interactive session you and your leadership team will create a fact-based framework customized to your sales process that gives your reps a consistent and objective method for determining where deals should be in the pipeline and gives you visibility and confidence to submit accurate forecasts.

After this workshop you'll have on-demand access to the metrics and measures to drive quota-attaining team performance and zero in on the number you're going to hit month after month. Specific outcomes include…

  • Increased forecast accuracy with greater pipeline visibility
  • Better cash flow predictability and resource allocation
  • A fact-based framework for managing individual and team performance

    Increasing New Business through Stakeholder Consensus

    For account acquisition teams

    Companies don’t make buying decisions, people do. And in complex buying environments, they often have varied points of view, motivations, senses of urgency and levels of influence. Today it's about understanding each stakeholder, and building consensus among them.

    In this hands-on interactive session you and your team will learn a standardized approach to understanding and managing stakeholder influence. Your sales team will learn how analyze stakeholder characteristics and motivations and build consensus.

    Specific outcomes include…

    • More insight into each stakeholder's position across fundamental dimensions that drive support and consensus
    • A visual mapping system to easily pinpoint where to focus to extend support and build consensus
    • Tips and techniques for cultivating champions and driving organizational buy in.

    Increasing Customer Retention through Stakeholder Consensus

    For account management teams

    It's common knowledge that the cost of getting new customers is far greater than the cost of keeping the ones you have. This has become even more critical in today's world of subscription pricing and short-term contracts.

    In this hands-on interactive session your teams will master fundamental criteria for managing stakeholder relationships: analyzing where you have access; where you have support; where you're at risk; where you need to build support and where you are well positioned. Your teams will also learn how to use stakeholder mapping to know how each decision makers feels about your products and services and where you need to focus to secure contract renewals..

    Outcome highlights include…

    • A visual map that helps reps pinpoint where they need to focus to extend support or build consensus
    • More insight into where each stakeholder stands across the fundamental dimensions that drive support
    • Tips and techniques for cultivating champions and determining who has the political power

    Driving Decision Making through Strategic Sales Messaging

    For account acquisition and account management teams

    Full voicemail inboxes, overloaded email inboxes, limited meeting time, escalating travel costs, deafening daily noise. These are realities of today’s sales environment. Salespeople have to work harder, and smarter, to break through the din and convey a meaningful and compelling message.

    In this hands-on interactive session your sales teams will see how to plan a communication strategy using all communication channels, and to deliver their messages with impact in customer-, solution-, and benefit-centric terms. Your teams will learn how to position their offerings as solutions to customers’ most pressing business issues, creating exceptional levels of perceived value for themselves and their capabilities.

    Outcome highlights include…

    • More visibility and influence during the decision making process
    • Increased consensus among key stakeholders
    • Higher perceived value by decision makers
    • More consistent and clear messaging throughout the sales process

    Gaining Adoption of New Approaches through Manager Reinforcement

    For senior sales leadership and field sales managers

    Even the best training and CRM programs will only deliver a return if they're adopted in the field. Mandating engagement doesn't work. The sales enablement landscape is littered with stories of failed or under-utilized initiatives because of too much focus on delivery and roll-out and not enough on adoption.

    In this hands-on initiative your field managers will receive personalized coaching to reinforce new approaches so you maximize the return on your sales enablement investment. They’ll be guided in helping their teams embrace and execute the skills and tools so they achieve greater impact and results. Together we’ll build a culture of continuous improvement and excellence within your team.

    Harnessing the Power of CRM to Hit Your Number Every Time - COMING JULY 2017

    For sales leadership